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Being Agile in a Waterfall World (Part 1)

Is it possible to use Agile principles when deploying & maintaining critical solutions where projects have durations measured in a year or years and may involve significant number of interfaces and possibly a migration of legacy data? What if the … Continue reading

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Laying the Foundations – Figuring out what your business NEED’s rather than what your users think they WANT

It has been called many things “Discovery”, “Gap Study”, “Requirements Analysis”, “Integration Analysis”, “Differentiation Analysis”, etc.  What it tends to be is a whole set of discussions, compromises and disagreements regarding; how long the delivery team will be given to … Continue reading

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The trouble with Optimism v’s Reality

Many years ago while working as a deployment manager in a Financial Services organisation, I was told the company operates on a principle of Optimism over Reality.  I have never forgotten this comment and sadly it seems to be endemic throughout many organisations. Setting of expectations … Continue reading

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