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rtom #3 – Approach to Data

This is a follow-on from “RealTime Offer Management” (RTOM) post published on 19th November 2016 which can be found here. The incentive for building the RTOM application was in looking at how to implement an Event Enabled Enterprise (E3) in a … Continue reading

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Modernization – Its actually not that difficult

 Within today’s environment where companies have spent tens of millions of dollars encapsulating business logic and rules into code it is becoming increasing difficult to sanction a full systems replacement due to the risk and impact it would potentially have … Continue reading

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The Architecture Cube

One of the challenges we face in providing IT Direction and Solutions is ensuring that we have considered all (or at least all of the important) aspects of a request to order to provide a valid and solid recommended solution.  … Continue reading

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Being Agile in a Waterfall World (Part 2)

… continued from post … “Being Agile in a Waterfall World (Part 1)” So how do we work in an agile manner in our waterfall world? While people like the adaptive nature and speed to delivery of an agile approach in … Continue reading

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Off-shoring – Staff Augmentation v’s Sub-contracting

Most organizations today are using or planning to utilise lower cost centres to fulfill more of its project needs both on a cost reduction and execution basis. The cost reduction ethics of utilising people in economically less developed countries is … Continue reading

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A new year, a new blog!

Having been involved in the IT section of the Financial Services industry for over 20 years and experienced both good and bad aspects of system deployment, building greenfield operations, migrations and general consultancy work, I figured it was about time … Continue reading

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